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Welcome to Confiseries, a graphics community.
Apply to join, and you'll be approved/denied. Only I have posting access.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please go to this post to contact me.

-RESPECT that this is my community. I am making your graphics. Do not ignore me when I am addressing you directly. It's disrespectful.
-All personalized graphics requested here must be used/uploaded within 72 hours of the pick-up post unless otherwise specified.
-You MUST credit me when using my graphics. I would like to be credited as dontspeak @ confiseries.
-Always use the application provided with the freebie.
-Do NOT crosspost your personalized request.
-COMMENT when taking graphics, stating the number of the icon(s) you plan on taking
-You MUST add the community to your friends list.
-Do NOT go to my journal inquiring about graphics
-Do not steal/alter any graphics made at this community. You will be banned automatically.
-Please do NOT hotlink any of the graphics made in this community.
-Do NOT promote your community here.

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